River Road Outer Loop

Is building a multi-lane freeway overpass across the Guadalupe River a good idea?  Many local residents and summertime visitors don’t think so.  According to this morning’s Herald-Zeitung Newspaper a group is circulating an anti-loop petition and have collected approximately 1700 petitions.  Signatures to … Continue reading

Texas Wines…something to celebrate!

Here is a bit of good news for you wine connoisseurs out there.  The Texas Hill Country wins as  the next big wine region according to wineindustry.com .  There are many wineries and vineyards less than an hours drive from … Continue reading

Canyon Lake Gorge…Rocks

Here is a link to the Canyon Lake Gorge slideshow: http://www.canyongorge.org/media/videos/5/gorge-documentary-clip . The 2002 Flood The flood beginning July 4, 2002 was the first time that floodwaters flowed over the Emergency Spillway since the Reservoir was completed in 1964. The upper part … Continue reading