Daytripper – New PBS Program Featuring Canyon Lake

The link below will take you to the Canyon Lake episode.

Here you can see what time your local PBS station airs Daytripper.

Below is the list of times when you can catch The Daytripper on your local PBS station.  Click name to view station schedule.

Amarillo: KACV – Thursdays at 8:30pm, Fridays at 1:30am

Austin: KLRU – Thursdays at 8:30pm, Saturdays at 10:00am, Wednesdays at 5:30am

College Station:KAMU – Season Two coming Spring 2011

Corpus Christi: KEDT – Season Two coming December 2010

Dallas: KERA – Saturdays at 10:30am

El Paso: KCOS – Saturdays at 4:00pm

Harlingen: KMBH – Coming soon

Houston: KUHT – Saturdays at 3:30pm

Lubbock: KTXT – Coming soon

Midland: BasinPBS – Sundays at 4:00pm

San Antonio: KLRN – Sundays at 1:30pm

(If you don’t know what PBS you receive, go HERE and find out)

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