Bisque Bistro in New Braunfels


Jean and I took the boys to Bisque Bistro in New Braunfels today.  This is a great place for all ages to come and paint a unique piece of bisque of their choosing.  Plates, platters, Christmas ornaments, piggy banks and wine glasses are some of the pieces that line the walls.  Simply choose your paints and get to creating a one of a kind work of art.  It just occurred to me that as much fun as the boys are having painting this would also make a great place for a date night. Located just behind Bisque Bistro is one of New Braunfels favorite restaurants, Huisache Grill.  Also nearby is Kork Wine Bar and the Black Whale Pub.  New Braunfels is only a 25 minute drive from the B&B at Canyon Lake.

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